Art competition, our students rewards October 03 2019

Northeastern New Jersey Contest 2019 

We are very proud of our students Stacey, Olivia, Shea and Emma who were selected as winners🏆 in the art contest of Abercrombie Kids and National School Art Collective🎨 for 1st-6th grade students. As a prize, each one of them received a $250 gift card. The kids’ artwork are displayed at the new Abercrombie kids store in Garden State Plaza. Come and see them in person, they did such a great job!!!👏🏻👏🏻

Patisserie Florentine Art Competition, 2018

'Fantastic Fall' the theme of the art competition for 10-18 year olds.

We are very proud of our student Shakira who was announced as a winner of the art competition and received $100 gift card. 

Art education is very important for kids. It's not only about creativity but also about academic achievement. “A report by Americans for the Arts states that young people who participate regularly in the arts (three hours a day on three days each week through one full year) are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement, to participate in a math and science fair or to win an award for writing an essay or poem than children who do not participate.” 

Fostering creativity helps your child develop mentally, socially, and emotionally. With art we open many ways for kids to explore themselves and the world around them, we help them gain confidence, enhance their attention to details and develop their problem solving abilities.




Artist Needed January 22 2019

Artists Wanted For Paint and Sip Studio (Rutherford, NJ)

compensation: competitive
employment type: part-time

We are seeking energetic part-time art instructors for our art studio in Rutherford, NJ.

Successful candidates will possess the following:
-The ability to connect with and engage students of all ages and skill levels.
-Knowledge of color theory, blending, and layering using acrylic paint.
-Effective verbal communications.
-The ability to read the class and pace the instruction to complete the class in the assigned time frame.
-A cooperative team spirit, integrity, and a solid work ethic.
-Must be willing to set up for class, teach class, and clean-up after class.
- ability to attend occasional offsite events.
-Being able to work weekends and weeknights  

If you enjoy painting, people, and want to work with the independent art studio in the industry, email us your resume and copies of at least three of your paintings. 


Easter Party for Kids in Rutherford, NJ April 04 2018


Spring is in the air. It's almost time to start getting those baskets ready, hunt for eggs, and visit with the Easter Bunny!

Are you looking for something fun to do after the Easter egg hunt?

Every year Paint Zone Art Studio in Bergen County, Rutherford, NJ offers a festive Easter party with a fun painting activity for kids. Your child is invited to meet The Easter Funny Bunny and have his/her photo taken at our perfect and stunning Easter themed backdrop. We try to keep it different every year.


Of course, there is no party without a piiza, we offer it too!


This year The Easter Bunny brought each child a basket with surprise eggs and paint supplies.

Paint Zone Art Studio in Rutherford throws an Easter Party that gets kids creative. What a fun we had!!!


Moreover, we offer art classes for kids in Rutherford, NJ and welcome all kids from surrounding towns, Clifton, Wallington, Garfield, Lyndhurst, Wood Ridge, Carlstadt, Nutley, etc. Every year we have an Easter themed project, let kids get wild and creative. We had a lot of fun painting Easter eggs and creating/painting a glass Easter basket for eggs. 


We try to keep kids entertained throughout a year and organize parties for all major holidays, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, you name it!


If you missed it, we hope you will join us next time, please follow us on facebook or subscribe to our mailing list to get all the updates on our events.



Discover your own artistic ability January 19 2018

Experience the joy of drawing and painting - a skill anyone can learn, learn how to draw a landscape, a portrait, interiors, still life and more and it’s never late to start learning.

Like reading and writing, drawing is a fundamental life skill. The ability to see as an artist sees brings a new dimension to self-expression and elevates your skill in countless other activities, from photography, architecture and design to the deeper appreciation of art and nature.


Professional artists have traditionally studied drawing first, as a primary and foundational skills. The art of drawing is eminently learnable. The ability to draw and paint both accurately and expressively does not depend on innate talent - anyone can learn how to draw and paint. In our studio we help kids build the complete, integrated skill of drawing and painting and apply those skills on different surfaces. We teach to apply the same fundamental principles that professional artists routinely use in their drawings and paintings so kids learn how to represent what they see in front of them and in their mind’s eyes.


Adults are also welcome to our painting studio in Rutherford, we offer not only step-by-step instructions where you can master your ability or just open your inner artistic skills or/and practice your newly acquired skill of painting on a canvas but also relax and have fun with your friends while sipping a glass of wine.


Knowing how to paint and draw is an ability with rewards that last for a life time.

Christmas Party Ideas for Kids and Adults. January 06 2018

Christmas party at Paint Zone

Still Life project, Creative Art classes for Kids December 12 2017

“If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint’, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”  - Vincent Van Gogh


Children of all ages learn drawing principles such as line, tone, proportion and the fundamentals of composition at our creative art classes. They develop keen observational skills and learn how to depict accurately a range of still life objects. They are always encouraged to see things their own imaginative way to relish colors and to build confidence by developing and putting into practice good technique. 

What is still life?

It is simply a painting or drawing of inanimate objects. It is different from other forms of figurative work in the sense that it cannot move (unlike a figure or a portrait) and it is close to you (unlike a landscape).

This time as a set up we used two different pieces of cloth to create some variation. Then, a collection of objects such as a vase, flowers and fruit were arranged in an interesting way to create different prospective.


Drawings were made on canvas and then acrylic paint applied using a variety of mark making tools to create lively and exciting still life images.

When you paint or draw a still life, one person might be fascinated to a small detail, another might pay attention to the shapes, or might be more interested in the colors. Here is how our students of different ages visioned it.

Giving children the opportunity to draw from observation is an important part of their learning in art. It’s not too late to provide your kids with the head start they deserve and sign them up with our Art Classes


Awesome Fundraising Idea for Schools December 20 2016


Planning to do a FUNdraising for a school? PTA fundraising is so critical to so many schools that are in need of a little financial assistance. Fundraising helps financially support classes, school field trips and events, sports team, school renovations, equipment updates, etc.


We love helping parents with their school fundraisers. Moreover we put the “FUN” in FUNdraising. Our painting parties ideally work for elementary, middle and high school fundraising ideas. It’s the best way for parents, teachers and/or students get together for a good cause.



Here is you can find the pictures of one of our latest fundraising event with A Star is Rising Early Child Care Center in Bergenfield


Another FUNdraising event for Franklin Elementary School took place at the Fire House in Bergenfield


It was an honor to be part of the Fundraising Event for Deaf Women of Color 


We offer mobile events. Why need to go to any of the studios, let us come to you and organize a painting party for parents, teachers, students, all at once, right at school. More people, more money raised for a good cause.  


Raise awareness and funds for your school in a fun and creative way, Contact us today at and we will be happy to work with you on your next event.

To book your own private party, please click here 

Read more on our mobile parties


Painting therapy in Rutherford, NJ September 29 2016

Painting as stress relief at Paint Zone Art Studio in Rutherford, NJ


Better Days are coming, they are called Saturdays and Sundays. How many times did you hear it before?


Today, we are all no strangers to stress. Work, deadlines, trips, meetings, commute, all of it can wreak havoc on our productivity if we don’t treat it. That is why most of us love Fridays. That is the best time when you go out with your friends, family, drink, sing, play, eat, laugh or just watch TV at home and relief your stress.


There is one more simple way that can help relax in our busy everyday life - Painting therapy, which encourages creativity and self expression as engines to reduce stress. Paint and Wine or Paint and Sip classes are a fun alternative to usual nights out. Painting, just like many of the arts, is therapeutic. It provides a conduit to emotional release.


I know you will ask where is the “fun” part? Well, how about you get to socialize with friends while you paint, drink and eat? Moreover, you will create your own masterpiece with the help of an instructor and the most important part you’ll get to explore your inner creative voice while turning off the negative influences that so often get in the way.


Try it out at Paint Zone Art Studio in Rutherford, NJ and you won’t regret. Simply bring your adventurous spirit, love of fun and creative desire.

To book your own private party, please click here 

Mobile/ Off site Painting Parties in Northern NJ July 05 2016


Want us to bring the party to you? No problem! The Paint Zone Art Studio offers mobile painting parties for both kids and adults. We specialize in Corporate Team Building events and help enhance team spirit by bringing our studio to your office or a location of your choice. 


We can turn your office into an art studio in minutes, we will bring everything you need to have a one of a kind experience in the location of your choice. Please remember NO ARTISTIC SKILLS REQUIRED.



We have experience in organizing corporate events and painting nights outside of our own studio. One of our latest event was held at Hilton Hotel in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ for the Sales Representatives at the Hershey Company. That was the sweetest event, we’ve ever had. Food, drinks and lots of fun. The painting was created specifically for the party and with accordance to the customer’s needs.


We were so delighted to get the reviews from the Hershey Company:


“Thank you so much! We had a blast! Appreciate your professionalism and excellent organization for the event!” - Hannah


“That was so far the best experience and team building event we've ever had” - Jennifer


We worked with:

1. The Hershey Company, the mobile corporate party took place at Hilton Hotel in Hasbrouck Heights

2. The Barker Lounge in Cranford

3. A Star is Rising Early Child Care Center in Bergenfield

4. Franklin Elementary School in Bergenfield, we hosted a Fundraising Event at the Firehouse

5. Marsh & McLennan Agency at Somerset and Saddle Brook locations 

6. Pierrepont School Fundraising 

Email us at for more information on our mobile painting parties or corporate events.

To book your own private party, please click here   


Fundraising in Bergen County, NJ May 24 2016

Fundraising Event and Idea 


Looking for a fun, exciting idea for your next fundraising event? Gala events, walk-a-thons, raffle tickets, marathons…. but think outside the box. Make it not only unique, but a memorable event for your special cause.


Paint Zone painting parties are fun, unique, hassle free and profitable fundraising events.


We support schools, churches, community groups, sports teams and other groups with special discounts for charitable gatherings and create a fun atmosphere for all ages.


We will be proud to donate a percentage of the painting party profits to the cause.

Contact us to learn more at or 201 485 6588

Let’s raise money together for the good cause!



Corporate Event or Team Building Ideas May 09 2016

Looking for a corporate party ideas or team building events? 

Working week in the busy and hectic corporate world can be very stressful and demanding. Stress can interfere with productivity of the employees and impact on the quality of interactions within the working environment.

Knowing that, it is important to organize corporate events – not just for your clients, but also for your team.

Paint Zone Art Studio offers you a hassle free solution to get away from the stress, freeze time and bond colleagues together. We offer you a unique and creative team building painting party that all your team will enjoy. 


Whether you’re getting together to paint a famous masterpiece or paint your own corporate image, this for sure will be the best team building activity to relax and build friendship.


You can book your corporate or team building event at

or call us at 2014856588 

Here is more info on how to book a corporate painting party at our location.

Want us to bring the party to you? No problem! We offer mobile/off site painting parties and can bring everything you need to have a one of a kind experience in the location of your choice. 

Email us at for more information. 


Four Panel Comic Workshop in Rutherford, NJ March 18 2016

Four Panel Comic Workshop by Katerina Yelizarov.

This is a great workshop for kids from 3rd grade and up. Throughout this session students will be able to design their character, make a model sheet of their character, and finally bring it all together in their very own 4 panel comic.

Here are some samples of what the final results will look like.

Designing the character­ Students will be able to draw freely and see what works best for their character. It’s important to experiment with how their character will look with different emotions and even in different poses. The simplicity and wide range of possibilities with something like this allows anyone to do it and have fun. Your character can be a stick figure or drawn as realistically as you want.


Please click here to register for the workshop

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