Discover your own artistic ability January 19 2018

Experience the joy of drawing and painting - a skill anyone can learn, learn how to draw a landscape, a portrait, interiors, still life and more and it’s never late to start learning.

Like reading and writing, drawing is a fundamental life skill. The ability to see as an artist sees brings a new dimension to self-expression and elevates your skill in countless other activities, from photography, architecture and design to the deeper appreciation of art and nature.


Professional artists have traditionally studied drawing first, as a primary and foundational skills. The art of drawing is eminently learnable. The ability to draw and paint both accurately and expressively does not depend on innate talent - anyone can learn how to draw and paint. In our studio we help kids build the complete, integrated skill of drawing and painting and apply those skills on different surfaces. We teach to apply the same fundamental principles that professional artists routinely use in their drawings and paintings so kids learn how to represent what they see in front of them and in their mind’s eyes.


Adults are also welcome to our painting studio in Rutherford, we offer not only step-by-step instructions where you can master your ability or just open your inner artistic skills or/and practice your newly acquired skill of painting on a canvas but also relax and have fun with your friends while sipping a glass of wine.


Knowing how to paint and draw is an ability with rewards that last for a life time.

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