Still Life project, Creative Art classes for Kids December 12 2017

“If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint’, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”  - Vincent Van Gogh


Children of all ages learn drawing principles such as line, tone, proportion and the fundamentals of composition at our creative art classes. They develop keen observational skills and learn how to depict accurately a range of still life objects. They are always encouraged to see things their own imaginative way to relish colors and to build confidence by developing and putting into practice good technique. 

What is still life?

It is simply a painting or drawing of inanimate objects. It is different from other forms of figurative work in the sense that it cannot move (unlike a figure or a portrait) and it is close to you (unlike a landscape).

This time as a set up we used two different pieces of cloth to create some variation. Then, a collection of objects such as a vase, flowers and fruit were arranged in an interesting way to create different prospective.


Drawings were made on canvas and then acrylic paint applied using a variety of mark making tools to create lively and exciting still life images.

When you paint or draw a still life, one person might be fascinated to a small detail, another might pay attention to the shapes, or might be more interested in the colors. Here is how our students of different ages visioned it.

Giving children the opportunity to draw from observation is an important part of their learning in art. It’s not too late to provide your kids with the head start they deserve and sign them up with our Art Classes


Four Panel Comic Workshop in Rutherford, NJ March 18 2016

Four Panel Comic Workshop by Katerina Yelizarov.

This is a great workshop for kids from 3rd grade and up. Throughout this session students will be able to design their character, make a model sheet of their character, and finally bring it all together in their very own 4 panel comic.

Here are some samples of what the final results will look like.

Designing the character­ Students will be able to draw freely and see what works best for their character. It’s important to experiment with how their character will look with different emotions and even in different poses. The simplicity and wide range of possibilities with something like this allows anyone to do it and have fun. Your character can be a stick figure or drawn as realistically as you want.


Please click here to register for the workshop

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