Painting therapy in Rutherford, NJ September 29 2016

Painting as stress relief at Paint Zone Art Studio in Rutherford, NJ


Better Days are coming, they are called Saturdays and Sundays. How many times did you hear it before?


Today, we are all no strangers to stress. Work, deadlines, trips, meetings, commute, all of it can wreak havoc on our productivity if we don’t treat it. That is why most of us love Fridays. That is the best time when you go out with your friends, family, drink, sing, play, eat, laugh or just watch TV at home and relief your stress.


There is one more simple way that can help relax in our busy everyday life - Painting therapy, which encourages creativity and self expression as engines to reduce stress. Paint and Wine or Paint and Sip classes are a fun alternative to usual nights out. Painting, just like many of the arts, is therapeutic. It provides a conduit to emotional release.


I know you will ask where is the “fun” part? Well, how about you get to socialize with friends while you paint, drink and eat? Moreover, you will create your own masterpiece with the help of an instructor and the most important part you’ll get to explore your inner creative voice while turning off the negative influences that so often get in the way.


Try it out at Paint Zone Art Studio in Rutherford, NJ and you won’t regret. Simply bring your adventurous spirit, love of fun and creative desire.

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